Week #3

It’s been three crazy weeks of Just everyday life. The MKMMA course is a process but it’s a great one. I’m experiencing new things and learning about people all around. I believe my blue print is turning out to be a great one as I continue to make it a reality. There is so much to explore and get motivated about ny being a part of this big adventure! This moment in my life is only gettin bigger and better, it’s all making a way for a brighter future. God is helping me through it all as well, he’s knows there’s a purpose and reason for everything in my life. Everything that is going on, all the things that I go through – he has a plan!! I am so thankful for the life I have and the breath I get to take every single morning waking up to another beautiful, bright sunshining day. That is lucky! Having life- having a beating heart..It allows me to have this opportunity to strive and to work my way toward being a Better me. It allows me to grow in all the ways I deserve. It allows me to be a part of this course that is going to bring along amazing paths and is going to help me build a foundation that is concrete strong. And let me tell you- writing these blogs are great, absolutely wonderful! Especially if you love to write like myself, it helps you express the things you feel and are thinking. God bless!

i always keep my promises.

Much love, Marcia


One thought on “Week #3

  1. MARCIA, I am in alignment with much that you have expressed in this third week !!Looking forward to see where we all end up !!


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