My MKMMA experience week #1.

My first week experience with MKMMA has been great so far. I’m learning so much from this program and I’m experiencing things that are all new. At first it felt like it would be a struggle or even just hard to make the time. In reality it’s not, I’m here And apart of the MKMMA 2015, I’m doin the work. I’m doin it! I have been attending the webinars every Sunday which are a big help and motivate me in so many ways. The wedinars help a lot with this program and not just for me but I’m sure it’s helping millions that are a part of this opportunity. The book “The greatest salesman in the world” is so inspiring and the words I just absolutely love how OG Mandino writes his book. It keeps me interested and that’s what I like! Mark and his wife are such a great help and motivation with this program, no wonder they are so loved from all people. MKMMA is life changing- I feel it and I’m ready for this change in my life. I want to fulfill my purpose and to successful  in all things I do. I want to inspire and motivate people through my words, through my experiences. I want people to feel better and know they have self worth when they feel like they want to give up. Life is something to grow in and have experiences. You create the life you want to live, the one you want to have to be happy. Happiness is the key to life. What’s life without being happy? You should live a life you want and love in the process make sure you are making a living for the best. I want to live my life up to the fullest and so should you! You may go through tough times and even fail and fall down a few times. You don’t let that stop you, you get right back up and do it again! You just do it, you succeed, you thrive. If you put in the work you can’t go wrong, put in the time and commit yourself everyday to what you want. Your purpose in life- ask yourself what do you want? What makes you happy? What’s your purpose? You get going and you go fulfill the things you asked yourself! Don’t let anyone or anything get in your way of your path you’re creating. This is the beginning of something beautiful and beautiful things are priceless. You are worth it. 


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